3D Veneers

New 3D Veneer and Veneer panels.
A new perception on veneer panel production.
3D veneers are the latest innovation in wood industry giving opportunities for results that are very impressive.
They are natural veneers cut in special innovative techniques thus giving them special effect both visual as well as haptic creating a three-dimentional result on the surface.  they can be used in any kind of surface just like regular natural veneers, providing amasing results and creating new tension in furniture industry, door production, kitchen door, surfaces for hotels, homes and stores.  The possibilities in creativity and design are endless.
They are produced in Europe and are distributed from our company in exclusivity in the Greek market from our warehouse.

They are available in veneer, veneer sheets and veneer panels.
We also provide the edgebandings from the same 3D veneer in 0.7mm with glue, with fleece or in thick veneer.

Due to the special treatment that 3D veneers require contact us for details.