Rustic veneers/ καπλαμαδες rustic

Rustic veneers

The new trend in veneered panels is Rustic.  Our company has the largest collection of Rustic veneers in various colors and designs with the new collection "Rustic veneers".  All the designs are available as veneers or veneered panels on mdf, blockboard or any kind of surface since we have our own complete and modern production of veneered panels so that we can provide the panel pressed and sanded, ready to be used.

For even greater differenciation and innovation in design with Rustic surfaces we are able to give the "Antique" look were the wood cracks are visible, giving an even more realistic image of the wood and the force of nature.  We are also able to add on the veneer surface the following embossing: "worm", "tarlato", "vechio", "rough", "snake".

All the serfaces of Rustic and Antique are our production and we can make any kind of combination for even more impresive results.

We can also produce the edges from the same veneers in any kind of dimension either with fleece back or preglued.